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Waxwings observed in Sunnyside Close today so watch out for them.

Bohemian Waxwing 2007
Bohemian Waxwing


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2 thoughts on “Waxwings”

  1. There were 22 waxwing present mid-morning Sunday, with at least 5 still in the area around 1.40pm.
    Had a couple of looks again today (Monday) but I couldn’t see any.
    There were good numbers of snipe in the FAUNA reserve as usual. A buzzard passed overhead, a male kestrel was hunting the area and a couple of meadow pipits dropped in. 10 teal landed briefly on the frozen pool before heading off again.

    I posted a pic of a waxwing taken at Sunnyside Close yesterday on my blog:


  2. Saw my first waxwing yesterday at the Orchard/FAUNA crossing – delightful!! Was on school run, so didn’t have time to see how many others were around, but thrilled to have seen it.

    For any that haven’t visited Jon’s blog (see above comment), would certainly recommend it. Some beautiful photos and lots of info on wildlife sightings in the area.

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