Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Come to the NLWG Summer Wildlife Fair at Fairfield Orchard – Sunday 16 June 2024

Our Green Spaces

The Fairfield Association in Lancaster is now responsible for around 50 acres of land including: 

Fairfield Nature Reserve
Fairfield Nature Reserve
Fairfield Community Orchard
Fairfield Community Orchard
Roundabout at Fairfield Playground
Fairfield Green and Playground
People attending the stalls, treasure trail and BBQ at the Triangle in the sunshine
Aldcliffe Road Triangle

Latest News

Fairfield Association Meeting Agenda: Tuesday 21 May 2024

The meeting will take place in the Tite & Locke pub at 7.30pm.

Fairfield Festival Postponed Until 13 July

Due to the delays with the installation of the new playground, we can’t run our planned Fairfield Festival on Saturday 25 May as originally envisaged. We have moved the date back to Saturday 13 July.

Playground Update

It’s a beautiful sunny day and of course there’s nothing we’d like more than to be enjoying our brand new playground. Sadly it still isn’t ready.

Photographs Needed for the Calendar

The reserve is looking lovely now so please keep taking and send us your photos.

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Regular Meetings

Fairfield Festival – New Date: 13 July 2024

Wildlife Sightings

Sightings Board Report


These were recorded on the board between the 13th and the 17th of May …

Actually a “Hearing” not a Sighting

Dave Brookes

Grasshopper warbler heard calling late evening on Thursday 16 May from north end of Pony Wood …

Stock Dove Using Nest Box


There is a stock dove using a nest box in Pony Wood.

Hare in West Field


There were more sightings of the two hare on 1 May, this one in West Field.