Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Sightings & Observations

All reported wildlife sightings and plant observations made on the Nature Reserve and in the Orchard. Reports include: birds, minibeasts, other animals, plants and flowers.

Lesser Whitethroat

A lesser whitethroat with fledglings was in the hedge by Long Pads …

Roe Deer Doe and Fawn

The roe deer with her fawn were spotted in an Aldcliffe Rd. garden adjacent to Upper Sowerholme …

Roe Doe in Hay Meadow

Lone roe doe seen in the Hay Meadow heading towards the stream …

Great Spotted Woodpecker Nest in Pony Wood

Spoke to a gentleman who had been visiting for the last week to observe the nest of a Great Spotted Woodpecker.  As we watched a red head poked out of a hole in a tree and started loudly shouting …

Lapwing in Flora Field

We may have lapwing nesting in Flora Field for the first time for many years.

Hares in Flora Field

Yesterday evening I saw one hare hunkered down in the field when a second hare appeared.