Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Ichneumon Wasp

This species of ichneumon wasp (Gasteruption jaculator) was seen on the reserve yesterday. They use their long ovipositor … Read More


Spring does seem to be in the air! Walking round Pony Wood I spotted a new blue tit … Read More

Nomada Flava

Phil Hendry took this lovely photo of a cuckoo bee on the margin of the Long Pads – … Read More

Speckled wood in Little wood

This speckled wood butterfly was sun-bathing on field maple leaves on the path-side edge of Little wood.

Hoverflies in the Orchard

Lovely sunny day so visited the Orchard this afternoon (23.04.2017) to enjoy the wildlife. So much buzzing about! … Read More


Orange tip butterflies observed in the Orchard and Paddock whilst we were volunteering yesterday

Bird Walk on Wed 5 April

Yesterday, I hosted a U3A Half-Day Birding walk around Fairfield which was attended by 16 members. On the … Read More


Lovely sunny day (27.03.17)┬áso made a brief visit to the Lucy Brook area in Upper Sowerholme. Things are … Read More

Solitary bees

We met a young couple on the Pads footpath today taking a close interest in the bank to … Read More