Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Hare and heron

A heron flew up from Lucy Brook this morning and I spotted a hare lolloping along in Flora … Read More

Fish in Lucy Brook?

This morning I saw a heron quietly hunting along the banks of Lucy Brook, at the back of … Read More


Lovely sunny day (27.03.17)┬áso made a brief visit to the Lucy Brook area in Upper Sowerholme. Things are … Read More

A couple of new flowers

Here are a couple of flowers not observed on the Reserve before. Marsh lousewort in Carr House Meadow … Read More

A few more flowers

A few more flowers observed this afternoon. The first two may be garden escapees but to me they … Read More

Wildlife today

Whist working in the Reserves today we have observed three roe deer (this morning in Upper and Lower … Read More

A Herd of Deer?

What number constitutes a herd? Disturbed two deer in Upper Sowerholme this morning. However, by the time I … Read More

Another deer sighting

David Herrod sent me this photo he took of a roe deer in the reserve south of Lucy … Read More

First signs of spring?

Whilst working in the fields this morning we came across the first frogspawn of the year in the … Read More