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NLWG Summer Wildlife Fair

The North Lancashire Wildlife Group (NLWG) Summer Wildlife Fair will take place at Fairfield Orchard, Lancaster, on Sunday 16 June from 10.30 am to 4.00pm.

Bird Reports: 27 February 2024

On a walk round on Tuesday 27 there was a redpoll by the path from the canal to Pony Wood. Also a list of sightings from the board.


On Wednesday 28th October, 13.15. A stoat ran across the Pads footpath from Big Meadow to the Orchard … Read More

Song thrushes

Two song thrushes amongst a gang of blackbirds in the Orchard on Tuesday 28th January

Stoat and hares

A couple more sightings from Michael: Stoat seen running around the Orchard stones Sunday morning, and three hares … Read More

Ploughing and Wildlife

Yesterday the arable field was ploughed and the tractor was followed by numerous Lesser Black-backed and Herring gulls. … Read More