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In Flower in the Orchard

A walk around the Orchard and Pads footpath this afternoon and noted the following in flower:

Honeysuckle, red dead nettle, great rosebay, herb robert, cranes bill, nipple wort, angelica, bramble, common vetch, brown knapweed, burdock, meadowsweet, loosestrife, self heal (over the fence in the Big Meadow), chamomile, greater plantain, foxglove, cow parsley, ragwort, red campion.


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1 thought on “In Flower in the Orchard”

  1. More flowers observed this afternoon in the orchard: white clover spear thistle, rosebay willowherb, meadow vetchling and betony – under the oak tree where we planted it earlier in the year – so far surviving our mini-drought.

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