Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Hare, ducklings & wildflowers

On his latest monthly check through the reserve on Monday, Graham spotted a hare in the arable (Flora Field). He also saw three – quite large – Mallard duckings in Alder Pond. They are clearly not bothered by the algae (or the barley straw intended to treat it) as I saw them there a day or so earlier.

The new addition to the website – wildflower sightings – includes a photo of yellow flag iris taken in the Orchard. There is a good patch of these flowers in the Hay Meadow too, behind Cromwell’s Pond by the brook. I assume the red clover photo was taken in the main part of the Hay Meadow where seeds have been sown. However, red clover can also be seen at the moment at the edge of the field when approaching the Cromwell Road gate.