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Volunteering session March 9th

Here is Jonathan’s message

Hello All,

The Fairfield Saturday volunteering session on Saturday, March 9th will be
devoted to hedge planting around Pony Wood. As there is a lot to do we
will meet at 9.30am at the Storage Building rather than the usual 10.00.
If 9.30 is a bit early please head straight on to Pony Wood whenever you

The contractors have almost finished their work in the wood so we can now
continue the hedge we started last year.
The Woodlands Trust are kindly supplying 1450 hedge saplings under their
moreHEDGES scheme at very advantageous terms for the FA.

If there is sufficient interest we will have a second session after lunch.
Planting will continue the following Wednesday (13th), with the Work Group
meeting at 9.30am as usual.

Hedge planting is a fairly simple process and full instruction will be
given so there’s no need to be put off by lack of experience. If you have
a favourite spade in your own personal spade collection please bring it
along to avoid the possibility of a shortage.

So please do come along, admire our new path and its glorious views and
make a contribution to the area you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

If you have any queries Ian is waiting to take your call on 07811 970 595
and/or  .

Best wishes,


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1 thought on “Volunteering session March 9th”

  1. And here is how it turned out!
    The March Saturday volunteer session was devoted to hedge planting. A heavy downpour of rain at 8.30 sent shivers of apprehension through the Volunteer Organiser. Would the people come on such a wild morning? They came! Altogether 30 people for our morning and afternoon sessions plus two cake makers who stood in after Tony had to go away at short notice. And the weather improved and people enjoyed a bracing but sunny day.
    In March 2018 we had started planting the Pony Wood hedge but could only complete work away from the planned contractor-built path. With the completion of the path and its associated fencing we can continue with the hedge and the volunteers planted around 1000 saplings. These included hawthorn (c. 50%), hazel (20%) blackthorn (10%), crab apple (10%), dog rose (7%), bird cherry (2%) and holly (1%). All but the holly were supplied by the Woodlands Trust at a very reasonable price under their moreHEDGES scheme.
    So, just about 500 more to go! Hopefully at the next WWG.
    And we should not forget the litter picking and repair work for some of last year’s saplings done by one of our young volunteers.

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