Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer Saturday 10th October 2015

Here is Jonathan’s message to the volunteers

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora
this Saturday, October 10th, starting at 10.00am and finishing at 1.00pm
or thereabouts.
If you’re able to tag along, here’s how you might possibly expect to pass
the time…

* Planting out newly donated wildflower plants.
* Removing the old willow protruding into the apple Orchard in the newly
cut back area by the alder trees.
* Repairing the hazel fence into Upper Sowerholme from the Hay Meadow.
* Continuing to trim the vegetation overhanging the track down from
Sunnyside Lane past the Shed.
* Collecting and repairing the ‘Don’t pick too early’ signs from the Orchard.
* Mowing the newly cleared areas in the Orchard.
* Clearing the grass and vegetation around the apple tree adjacent to the
Stump Circle. Cutting back adjacent branches to give it room.
* Starting the hedge trimming process, I suggest with the Pads footpath
alongside the Orchard and the south side of the Paddock.
* Starting the process of slashing and clearing vegetation at the south
end of the Orchard.

From the Thank You desk, the organizers of Apple Day wish to send
heartfelt thanks to all those who were able to assist with the mantling
and subsequent dismantling of equipment. Thank you. It’s much appreciated.

Our friends and allies at the Lancashire Wildlife Trust have a full Winter
Program of events in which to engage.
Please see the attached, erm, attachment for information about Working
Party activities at Warton Crag.
Details will also be appearing shortly on their webpage, where you can
read about what else they’re up to. Point your internet at for optimum enjoyment.

And that’s about it from me for this time,

Best wishes,



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1 thought on “Volunteer Saturday 10th October 2015”

  1. And here is what we did
    18 volunteer gathered on a warm and pleasant autumn morning.
    • We planted out donated flowers as follows:
    o Primroses and sweet woodruff in Pony Wood, marking the planting areas with stakes and tape.
    o Meadowsweet (from our own seed) and great burnett in the wetter area of the Hay Meadow
    o Yarrow, wild strawberry, ox eye daisy, betony and cowslip in plots along the Fauna path and in the Hay meadow
    • Old stumps were removed from the area of the apple orchard being re-colonised from nettles.
    • The hazel fence, damaged by the cattle, between the Hay meadow and Upper Sowerholme was repaired with new stakes and withers.
    • Cutting back of the overhanging vegetation along the track by the Shed was completed.
    • The ‘Don’t pick’ signs in the Orchard were collected and repaired.
    • Newly cleared areas of the Orchard were strimmed to keep the nettles at bay.
    • The grass and vegetation around the ‘rediscovered apple tree adjacent to the Stump Circle was cleared.
    • Branches overhanging the paths in the Orchard were cut back to give adequate headroom for pedestrians.
    • A start was made trimming back the hedges at the south side of the Paddock and the east side of the Orchard.
    • More nettles and brambles removed from alongside the Fauna path.

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