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Wildlife in March

Welcome to Spring. Here are a few things to look out for this month.

Boxing March Hares!

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the males fighting over a mate. It is in fact a female ‘thumping’ an over amorous male suitor!

Brimstone Butterfly

One of the first butterflies to be seen on the wing, you may be fortunate enough to see one on a warm, sunny day. Later in the month you may see it around the snowy white blossom of the alder buckthorn (the food plant of its caterpillars). Called Brimstone because of its pale sulphur coloured wings. Its yellow coloured wings probably also gave us the name ‘butter’fly. You may also spot a Peacock butterfly as it emerges from its winter hibernation.

Little rays of sunshine

One of the first spring woodland flowers is the brightly coloured Celendine. Easy to spot with its heart shaped leaves and star shaped flowers with their shiny yellow petals. Look for them amongst the open woodland and on the ground along the path edges.

Nesting instincts: Setting up Home

There will certainly be lots of bird activity around the reserve this month. Look for birds carrying nesting material as they busily set up home! We now have plenty of nestboxes where you can observe little birds such as the blue tit.

Head for the hills!

The Curlews, Snipe and Oyster Catchers that have been so prominent over the winter months will soon be leaving to nest on the hills and river valleys.

Have fun spotting and let us know what you see!