Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Easter Egg Hunt – thank you!

Jaci and I have been busy bagging up and delivering all the extra egg hunt goodie bags. A very big thank you to all who helped with the egg hunt. With so many people attending your help was invaluable and very much appreciated, not just by myself but everyone who attended yet another successful Fairfield event.

Can you believe that 137 children took part in the egg hunt, many coming from all corners of Lancaster. Jaci and I could not believe the length of the queue we had shortly after 2 pm. With it being such a cold day, we had prepared for what we thought was an optimistic eighty hunters. So lots of IOUs given out!

And of course, another big thank you to our cake makers. You never fail us!

We also had a record number of Easter bonnets too. Each bonnet wearer received a beautifully made egg cosy donated by one of our Fairfield members. Unfortunately I do not have the persons name so if you know who made them please thank them for me.

Well done all!