Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteering session 14th July 2018

Once again I forgot to post Jonathan’s message to advertise this session but for the record, here is what we did:

Ten volunteers attended the monthly Saturday volunteering session on a hot, sunny morning.

  • The final Orchard bench vista was cleared by lowering the hedge levels on either side of the Pads footpath.
  • Ragwort was dug out from the Paddock, the northern section of Big Meadow, the Big Meadow marsh and from the hay meadows.
  • Vegetation enveloping the apple trees alongside the Pads footpath was cut out and carted away.
  • Dock flowering heads in the Orchard were cut off to prevent seeding.
  • Invasive vegetation around the new saplings in the Old Damson Copse was cut out and cleared away.
  • Bramble growing in the Big Meadow marsh was cut back. I think this is more a job for the scything group as it is difficult to disentangle the bramble from the rush.
  • Bulrushes dug out of Cromwell Pond.