Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer session Saturday 11th May 2013

Here is Jonathan’s email message

Greetings Orchardeers,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard and Fauna this Saturday, May 11th, starting at the usual time of 10.00am and finishing at 1.00pm.

Ian will be away and so the session will be led by Ken.
In the unlikely event of there being any physical misfortune, Graham will be the first aider.

The agenda…

1. Mow the grass.
2. Strim / cut back a section of growth around the apple trees.
3. Pick litter along the Long Pads path and in the Flora copse. NOTE:
a.  Volunteers MUST wear protective gloves
b.  There must be a container in which unsafe objects are placed.
c.  The remaining rubbish to be bagged and barrowed to the shed from where it will transported to the tip another day.
4. Thin out the daffodils between the stump circle and the notice board path and under the sycamore tree. The consensus at the last session was that the thinning should be used to enlarge the existing areas. Keep ‘in the green’ so if the ground is too dry the job can’t be done.
5. Wrap black plastic round the stumps of felled elders in the hedge.
6. Clear the small tree alongside the Fauna / School footpath which has blown over.
7. Move the brash pile in the Paddock (near the Fauna Stones) to Fraser’s bonfire site.
8. In consultation with Keith remove the badly cankered apple trees and cart away to the bonfire site.
9. In consultation with Graham remove algal growth in Upper Sowerholme pond.
10. Tidy around the Shed including bring Graham’s stumps in from the Paddock.

And last but not least,
11. At the end of the session all tools to go to The New Shed. HURRAH.

I’ve spoken with my usual contacts in Weather and can confirm that excellent conditions will prevail throughout.

Please come along if you possibly can.
Even if you’re not able to join in for the full three hours your efforts will not go to waste and as scientists have now proven, they will in fact do not just the orchard but also you the world of good. What’s not to like?

Best wishes,