Queens Award for Voluntary Service

U3A Bird Walk around the Reserve


Yesterday, the U3A half-day birding group of 18 people went round the reserve and stayed to watch the Snipe flush count. We saw a number of birds including goldcrest and the male reed bunting pictured, and of course, snipe and jack snipe as well as numerous meadow pipits.

We also found the occupant of our largest nest-box!



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2 thoughts on “U3A Bird Walk around the Reserve”

  1. Ian – thanks very much for including so many photos in your posts. Would it be OK if I uploaded some of them to the FA Wildlife Album?

    Also, do you know where on the reserve you saw the goldcrest and reed bunting, so I can update the Sightings table? Many thanks!

  2. Julia – I’m happy for the photos to be uploaded to the FA Wildlife Album ( including any future ones!).
    The goldcrest was on the footpath coming from Sunnyside Lane, and the reed bunting was in the Orchard opposite the Alder tree.

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