Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Siskin, Goldcrest and more

Along path through Flora 2 Siskin showing well today. Also our smallest bird Goldcrest in the bushes at the end of the Orchard. Finches are looking good at this time of year and there are plenty of the common ones in the Orchard at the moment – Chaffinch, Greenfinch & Goldfinch are a daily view.

Over the past week have seen many Blue Tits and Great Tits too with the occasional glimpse of a Coal Tit across the whole area but especially in the Orchard and surrounding gardens.

Spring is definitely here as all over there are newly arrived warblers..  Chiff Chaff seem to be the most common (or at least the most vocal).

On the mammal front, no hares, but a more common (and often less loved) Brown Rat up by Pony Wood.

On the Otter front – have met quite a few people over the past week who have spotted at least one (and often more) on the canal..  but I have not had a repeat encounter..