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Kestrel hovering and swooping over Fauna this morning. Also a small flock of small birds in Fauna. They looked at a distance like sparrows but I don’t associate sparrows with ground feeding in fields and flocking. Can anyone enlighten?


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2 thoughts on “Kestrel”

  1. Not very helpful, I’m afraid! I’ve also seen this flock of small birds quite a few times, but not been able to identify what they are.

  2. I think that your small birds are probably meadow pipits. There have been quite a few feeding in the fields in recent days; there were at least 40 there today. The other birds that are frequently present in FAUNA in small flocks are goldfinch and of course the house sparrows (which do actually flock and feed on the ground).
    Also, there were 6 teal and a moorhen along with the usual mallard on the pond this afternoon plus a couple of pied wagtails and a lone redwing feeding alongside the pipits.
    A kestrel and sparrowhawk were hunting around the area.

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