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Heron in Cromwell’s Pond

A heron was one of the first birds to take advantage of the new Fauna reserve. Almost as soon as the contractors had left from digging out the pond in the Hay Meadow marsh, a heron was investigating. So Cromwell’s Pond is a good place to look for them, but only when there are few people about and you can approach with stealth. It was just before 7.30 this morning when I spotted one. Heron often seem to me to be hunkered down looking grumpy. In contrast, this heron was stood up to its belly in the water, neck erect, beak pointing forward. It looked very smart and handsome. After a few minutes, someone approached along the path. The heron’s head turned to look and as she got closer off it flew.


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1 thought on “Heron in Cromwell’s Pond”

  1. What was presumably the same heron was in Ash Tree Pond around 8.30 (same day as your sighting).
    Of note, a skylark flew over the reserve heading toward Aldcliffe.

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