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Hare today…

There were 2 brown hares showing very well close to School Pond this morning. I noticed one nearby yesterday too; it’s really encouraging to see them hanging around.

As far as summer migrants go it’s been relatively quiet just lately from what I’ve seen on my visits. A common whitethroat was in the ‘new’ hedgerow a couple of days ago and of course chiffchaff, willow warbler and blackcaps are all in song in the Orchard. I haven’t yet heard any sedge warblers in the vicinity (one was singing by the canal yesterday and at least 3 are on territory at Freeman’s Pools) – has anyone seen or heard any around FAUNA?


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1 thought on “Hare today…”

  1. Hi Jon

    One was heard in the Orchard on 10th May – see recent post by johna.

    Am keeping an eye on your excellent blog – more fantastic photos! I was so intrigued by what you wrote about the corncrake call that I ended up going to the RSPB site to hear what it sounds like. Certainly is an unusual sound!

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