Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteering Wednesday evening 26th August

Here is Jonathan’s message

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora this
Wednesday evening, August 26th, commencing at 6.30pm and finishing either
when it becomes too dark to carry on or when all the work is finished.
Just my little joke, of course – the work, as we all know, is never

If you’re able to come along, here are some of the tasks to look forward to:

* Clear sycamore saplings from the Shed roof.
* Strim the nettles around the toddler playground.
* Strim the areas around fruit trees in the  Orchard we hand cleared last
time. Possibly mow them.
* Mow the new areas strimmed and mown last time.
* Cut nettles back around the south Orchard notice board.
* Continue taking brambles out from along the Fauna path.
* Continue removing thistles from Lower Sowerholme.

And that’s all there is to it.

Best wishes,


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1 thought on “Volunteering Wednesday evening 26th August”

  1. Here’s what we did
    The last Wednesday evening volunteer session of the summer attracted 6 volunteers.
    • Two volunteers spent the two hours removing syscamore saplings from the Shed roof.
    • Nettles around the fence of the toddler playground were strimmed back and the debris cleared.
    • The area of ground around the meddler and pear trees ‘reclaimed’ for grass was re-mown.
    • The nettles and other growth around the Orchard south noticeboard were cut back.
    • The wildflower patch near the Stump Circle was cleared of dying back plants to prevent re-fertilizing the land. However, a patch of newly growing red clover was left alone.
    • Further work was done removing encroaching bramble from the Fauna path.

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