Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteering Wednesday 25th July

The Wednesday evening session attracted seven volunteers.

  • The Orchard grass was mown in the afternoon which allowed us to experiment with mowing the carefully strimmed area between the Orchard path and the Pads hedge. With the mower on its maximum height and in second gear it worked very well and we should, over time, get this area to grass.
  • With a view to continuing this process the slashing and shearing of the long grass and nettles around the fruit trees continued, followed by strimming.
  • The fence between the track and Little Wood was made secure, hopefully to prevent any further ‘camping’ in there. We do need to make an entrance from the woodland extension side for our own maintenance.
  • The clearing of the playground for Fun Day was completed, paying particular attention to any nettles around the benches, as mentioned at the AGM.
  • Several sycamores in the Pads hedge adjacent to the Orchard were pruned right back and covered with black bags to (hopefully) curb their growth.
  • Overhanging shrubs, trees and nettles were cut back along the Orchard paths.