Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteering session Wednesday evening

Here is Jonathan’s message


Greetings All,

Two pieces of volunteering news for you on this occasion.

First, there’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and
Flora this Wednesday evening, June 29th, starting at 6.30pm.

This week’s to do list reads as follows:

* The barley straw bundles for for Anna’s Pond need making up and
barrowing across.
* The barbed wire near the big Ash Tree on the Fauna path needs repair.
* The grass overhanging the Fauna path needs strimming.
* Cut back and dig out bramble along the Fauna path.
* Cut off and remove flowering heads of dock, especially in the Pony Wood
extension, around the Flora Field margin and along the beetle banks.
* Now that the net has arrived for the shed roof – “Back of the net, etc!”
to borrow a footballing expression – inspect it and the roof to determine
when and how best to use it.
* Thin out the apples according to our expert advice.
* Tie up some of the soft fruit bushes.

Second, we are suspending the Ragwort Working Party II which has met on
Tuesday evenings. Ragwort Working Party I continues to meet on Wednesday
mornings from 9.30 at the Shed. We are doing well this year but watch out
for further appeals for help later in the summer.

Very good.
And that’s your lot for this occasion,
Best wishes,



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1 thought on “Volunteering session Wednesday evening”

  1. Here’s what we did:
    By the Wednesday evening session the weather had turned lovely and four volunteers attended.
    • We made up three barley straw bundles, barrowed them across and placed them in Anna’s Pool to deter the algae there.
    • The broken barbed wire in the Big Meadow stock fence near the Fauna big ash tree was repaired.
    • A preliminary assessment of how the net to protect the shed roof from sycamore seeds was made. The sedum is in flower at the moment. WE thought August was the best time to put the net in place.
    • We weeded around the soft fruit bushes and tied up those that needed support.

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