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Volunteering session Saturday 8th October

Here is Jonathan’s message

Greetings All,

Two items for your attention on the Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora
volunteering front.

First, there’ll be a volunteer session this Saturday, October 8th,
starting at 10.00am and finishing around about 1.00pm.

On the agenda for this time…
* A short review of emergency procedures and appeal for new first aiders.
* Retrieve the nose pump from the West Field.
* Retrieve the signs from the apple trees.
* Continue to weed the wildflower bed.
* Further work removing bramble from along the Fauna path.
* Further work cutting back the bramble in Carr House Meadow.
* Cut back self seeded saplings in the Orchard.
* Trim back overhanging bramble and nettle along the green paths in the
* Re-instate orienteering post number 5.
* Remove ivy from two of our trees as recommended by our tree surgeon.
* Cut back and dig out the blackthorn encroaching on the pear trees near
the middle entrance of the Orchard.

Second, please be aware that the Hedge Working Party will resume its work
on Wednesday 26th October meeting at the shed at 9.30 and working through
the morning.
Anyone with an interest in hedge laying and hedge maintenance is welcome.
Note that we supply tools and suitable gloves but the work involves
dealing with thorny problems (literally) so tough outdoor clothing is
needed. Please bring your own mid-morning refreshment.

And that’s about your lot for now.

Best wishes,


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1 thought on “Volunteering session Saturday 8th October”

  1. And this is what we achieved:
    On a pleasant autumn morning 15 volunteers attended the monthly Saturday session.
    • The session commenced with an announcement of the new emergency procedures agreed at FFOG (our management group). An appeal was made for more people to train as First Aiders. One person came forward to join an existing First Aider whose certificate needs renewal.
    • The nose pump was retrieved from the West Field.
    • The ‘Don’t pick to early’ signs were retrieved from the apple trees.
    • Fruit tree pruning continued alongside training one of the volunteers.
    • Further work was done weeding the wildflower bed.
    • Bramble was removed from alongside the Fauna path. This has continued over the last few months and a real improvement has been made given that the bramble was beginning to invade the gravel path. It is now well pushed back to the fence.
    • Suckers from the two Populus tremulus trees in the Orchard were cut back.
    • Overhanging nettle and bramble alongside the Orchard grass paths was cut back.
    • Ivy was cut out from tree number 522.
    • The encroaching bushes around pear and cherry trees at the Orchard Middle entrance were identified for future work.
    • Overhanging vegetation around the Orchard north entrance was cut back and a start made to trimming the Pads footpath hedge.
    • A big branch had come down from tree 526, the big sycamore near the stumps. Human agency suspected????). This was cut up and carted away.

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