Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteering report for 26th June

Seven volunteers gathered on a lovely summer evening.

  1. The fallen willow was cut up and carted to Fraser’s bonfire site.
  2. Long grass and nettles was cleared from around some of the fruit trees.
  3. Encroaching vegetation was cut from around the rubbish bins.
  4. Spreading fruit bushes were tied back to keep the path around the hedge open
  5. Ragwort was removed from in the Orchard and along the Pads footpath
  6. We toured the Orchard noting Andy Lee’s recommendations from trees for winter work. This was to provide information for active volunteers for a more informed discussion at FOG and elsewhere.
  7. We checked the location of orienteering posts and established their positions and accessibility for a coming children’s event.

We did not have the person-power to mow the grass or strim but recent cow feeding means that the paths are in good order.