Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteering 9th May 2015

Here is Jonathan’s email to volunteers

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora,
this Saturday, May 9th, starting at 10.00am and finishing, as per
tradition, at 1.00pm or thereabouts.

On the agenda for this time…

1. Erect a new fence around the Shed.
2. Repair a section of barbed wire beside Little Wood (priority) and a
couple of other less urgent wire repairs.
3. Remove the brash in front of the North West Gate of West Field to
enable access for the neighbouring farmer.
4. Start the process of digging out ragwort from the Hay Meadow and Carr
House Meadow. This is, in effect, notice that the ragwort season is almost
upon us and the Ragwort Working Party will re-commence toward the end of
the month. Watch this space for calls for volunteers.

And finally, Ian has asked me to make a polite plea regarding the time
that we show up for the session.
In the past I’ve always made a point of asking people to come along
whenever they can. It seems many people have been taking me at my word –
not something I’m used to ever happening – and the staggered starting
times are creating difficulties for Ian while he tries to allocate tasks
to people.

So – a bold U-Turn is in order: if you plan to come along on Saturday,
please can you try your best to show up at 10.00am to allow Ian a better
chance of getting everybody swiftly tasked up and getting on with it.

And on that bombshell, I’ll tiptoe quietly out of the room and bid you
what the Elizabethan dramatist and pamphleteer Ringo Starr would doubtless
describe as a merry month of May –
“O, the month of May, the merry month of May,
So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green!”

Best wishes,