Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteering 26th June (evening)

Here is Jonathan’s reminder for this session

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session in the Fairfield Orchard, FAUNA and Flora fields this Wednesday June 26th, commencing at 6.30pm and finishing… well, who knows? It might well be another perfect summer evening and you might not want to stop working until sunrise. Past experience tells us that we normally have the evening wrapped up around 8.30pm.

Treats in store…

  • Mowing the grass.
  • Strimming the grass.
    ~ where it is longest around the fruit trees
    ~ around the fruit hedge
    ~ amongst the new locations for the log slices.
  • Tying back spreading fruit bushes in the fruit hedge.
  • Cutting / slashing long grass around the fruit trees and around the rubbish bins, one or two of which are getting a little over grown.
  • Removing specimens of ragwort from the Orchard and Pads footpath.
  • Touring the Orchard and noting and marking those trees which we should propose for removal, especially silver birches which are not flourishing and are overcrowded (Andy Lees advice). The advice is also that we are overstocked with willow and sycamore but these are pretty obvious all year round.
  • Having a go at using our new equipment to repair the barbed wire in Big Meadow.

I personally won’t be able to attend this session but please do feel free to go to the pub afterwards without me if you so wish. You’ll have definitely earned it. Just remember to take your pocket money and proof of ID if you’re fortunate enough to look under the age of forty.

Meanwhile at the “Other Notices” desk…

Somewhere along the line we have mislaid the plastic connectors and the cover for one of our tents, the one with the chrome struts. If anyone can cast any light on this please contact Ian on 07811970595.

And also, Ian has asked me to thank those who responded to the questionnaire about volunteering with the FA. “We are thinking about some of the useful ideas which came out,” he tells me. Watch this space!

And that’s your lot for now,

Best wishes,