Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer session Wednesday 27th August

Here is Jonathan’s message

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora this
Wednesday evening, August 27th, beginning at around 6.00pm and finishing
The meeting point will be the Storage Building on the footpath at the
Sunnyside Lane end. Please do come along if you possibly can.

Stuff on the To Do list for this occasion…

* Pull out thistles in the West Field so that it’s ready for cutting.
* Finish clearing excess vegetation around the pear trees.
* Finish trimming the hedge down the track from Sunnyside Lane.
* Try out the nose pump in the West Field.
* Continue strimming Fauna path.
* Make a start on trimming the hedges beginning with the Pads hedge
alongside Big Meadow.

Now then. In Exhibition news, we will be mounting an exhibition in
September to report to the public on what we have achieved with Flora.
There’ll be a volunteering section and it would be good to have some
appreciative quotations from you – yes, you, Beloved Volunteer! – on the
benefits and joys of volunteering with the Fairfield Association.

Please send your quotable quotes and uplifting insights to Ian on
or by TEXT to 07811 970595, and the clean
ones may well be used as part of the display. Quotes will be attributed to
first names only.

And that’s your lot for this time,

Best wishes,