Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer session Saturday March 10th 2018

Here’s what we did

The forecast was for continuous rain on our volunteer Saturday which perhaps restricted numbers to 8 but it turned out to be dry and remarkably warm.

  • A further seven holly were planted in the Old Damson Copse.
  • Invasive bramble behind the Fauna Stones was dug out and cut back and the area generally tidied to form a habitat pile.
  • A channel was dug at the corner of the Fauna path by the Stones to form a drain into the field.
  • The fastening post of the new gate in the Grammar School Field was moved to prevent the gate catching. Road test of the new auger worked well.
  • A start was made to trimming the Fauna path / Grammar School hedge around the board walk. More work needed.
  • Bramble cut out of the Pads / Orchard hedge.
  • Self seeded saplings and bramble cut out and dug out through the Orchard. Almost finished this.