Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer Session Saturday 12th September 2020

Here is Jonathan’s email

Hello all,

The Fairfield Association continues to run volunteer sessions under the ‘dispersed group protocol’ laid out in the attached document.

The next Saturday morning session will take place on September 12th at the usual start time of 10am. If you are thinking of attending the session please make sure you have read the protocol and are happy to follow these new rules.

Note that the meeting point for the session is NOT the shed but the Orchard Stump Circle so that the two metre social distance rule can be more easily maintained.

The biggest difference to past practice is that numbers will be limited to a maximum of 12 in separate teams of up to 6 people. Consequently, so that we can control numbers, people must ‘book in’ with the Volunteer Organiser (Ian) if they plan to attend. To do this please email or text Ian at:

07811 970 595

If your plans change then please keep Ian informed so that we can be fair to everyone.


Tasks for this session:


We have collected yellow rattle seed from the hay meadows over the summer. Now is the time to sow this alongside the Pony Wood path and in the extension woodland. We will create bare earth patches and press the seed in.

We have also collected knapweed seed from the hay meadows and will similarly sow this.

There are two self-seeded sycamore saplings in Pony Wood which need removing to comply with NE requirements.

The hedge saplings planted last winter in Little Wood need checking, weeding and restoring.

We need to complete the count of broken fence posts by including those in Lower Sowerholme and West Field.

Bamboo rods in Upper Sowerholme to be transported to the shed.

Cleaning and clearing around Anna’s Stone.

Scything alongside the Pony Wood path.

If not complete on Wednesday the 9th – further scything of Big Meadow rush and raking of the machine cut rush.


Best wishes,


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