Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer session 9th March 2013

Report on volunteer morning 9th March 2013

11 local volunteers were joined by 11 students from Green Lancaster on a cold and damp morning.

  1. We had received a consignment of hedgerow sapling from The Woodland Trust and around 200 of these were planted:
    1. Filling gaps in the Pads / Fauna hedge where attempts to lay very old wood had failed
    2. Thickening up some of the planting in the Fauna / Grammar School Pond hedge.
    3. Replacing the section of rotten hedge at the north end of the Pads / Orchard hedge
    4. Infilling gaps in the Pads / Orchard hedge especially a gap toward the southern end which had been blocked by dead wood.
    5. The latter was carted away to the top end of the Paddock along with the elder cut out of the hedge by the hedge laying working party. This is now ready for burning on Fraser’s bonfire.
    6. Pruning of the apple trees progressed.
    7. The fruit bushes in the fruit hedge were pruned and the remnants carted away to the Paddock.
    8. Encroaching grass was cleared from around some of the Orchard benches.
    9. Bramble was cut back to the fence along the Fauna footpath. (NB Earlier volunteer work had cleared enveloping bramble from last year’s saplings in the Fauna hedge).
    10. Various stakes were gathered up for storage at the Orchard entrance.
    11. Graham’s stumps were moved from the Paddock / Allotments hedge so they don’t get caught up in any future hedge work.
    12. Various notices informing the public of our activities were removed as having served their purpose.