Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer session 8th September 2018

Here is my report for Saturday (and Sunday!)

On a thoroughly wet and miserable morning 6 volunteers gathered for the monthly Saturday session. We huddled in the shed for half an hour whilst the rain poured down ever more heavily and ever more persistently. We then cancelled the session as the main jobs would have led to the ruining of plants in a mud bath and unsafe working with barbed wire.

However, four of the six met the following day, 9th September, to get the plants donated by local residents into the Fauna wildflower bed. The latter was lightly forked over and grass and creeping buttercup removed before planting: red campion, hemp agrimony, yarrow, self heal, ox eye daisy and teasel. All strong plants so we are hopeful of success. Yellow rattle seed was then spread in the gaps.