Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer session 11th October

I forgot to advertise this on the Blog but here is what we achieved.

32 volunteers turn out on a bright autumn morning.

  • We removed self seeded saplings in the Oak Circle and planted wild flowers supplied by Fiona  of Friends of Storey Gardens.
  • We completed the radical pruning of the soft fruit hedge under Keith’s expert guidance.
  • After considerable effort and trial digs we located the drain in the West Field nearer the new and rather dry scrape. Graham will return and block the drain.
  • We experimented with removing the staples holding the fence alongside the east hedge of the West Field. After several tries Philip supplied a spike which held the key to loosening them. Ian will try to get down there to continue before the Hedge Working Party starts work.
  • The hedge alongside the Fauna path adjoining the Grammar School Field was trimmed back further and the brash carted away.
  • An area of self seeded blackthorn near the Stump Circle was cut back and the brash cleared away. The stumps were left for a second go as they were rather larger than anticipated. Hopefully the ramsoms and daffodils can thrive there next spring.
  • Nettles were cut back in the area to the south of the Towneley path in preparation for a visit by a beaver group tomorrow. Debris carted away.
  • Long grass, nettles and other invasives were cut back in three areas toward the southern end of the Orchard and the debris removed to habitat piles.
  • Part of the Pads path hedge at the northern end of the Orchard, laid last summer, was trimmed back and cleared of nettles and brambles