Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer session 11th May 2013

Seven volunteers came to the session which was led by Ken as Ian was away. Many thanks to Ken for standing in.

Owing to the wet weather it was not possible to mow or strim the grass in the orchard.

Neither did we have the person power to spread daffodil bulbs. They are now enveloped by fast growing stinging nettles and this job will have to wait until next year.

The litter pick along the Long Pads path and the Flora copse was completed. A container was provided for the safe keeping of the discarded hypodermic needles. All the bags of rubbish were removed and arrangements were made to have it collected by the Council.

The algal growth on the Upper Sowerholme pond was removed.

The small dead tree on Fauna /School footpath was removed to the bonfire site.

The brash pile in the Paddock was moved to the bonfire site.

Graham’s stumps were moved from the Paddock to the shed area.

Further work was done clearing the Orchard path.

As the weather was wet our refreshments were taken in the new shed – yet another bonus besides the convenience of all our tools being together.

So, on a wet morning with limited numbers a great deal was achieved.


The cankered apple trees had been removed prior to the session, we assume by Keith.

Black plastic was wrapped round the elder tree stumps as a follow-up job.