Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer Saturday 10th November 2018

Once again I forgot to post Jonathan’s email but here is what we did yesterday:

Eleven volunteers attended the monthly Saturday session on a dry if chilly morning. Thanks to Keith for using his truck to get the heavy tools we required up to the beehive area.

  • The broken fence at the bottom of Sowerholme Lane was repaired with new posts and wire put in.
  • The top wires of the fence between Lower Sowerholme and Flora Field had been damaged and broken, probably by the cows. We re-threaded the wire and re-tightened it. LITTLE BIT MORE TO FINISH OFF, NEEDS A SHORT STRAND OF WIRE.
  • The edges of the two Flora Ponds were scythed back.
  • Continuing the scything of undesirables on the Flora Field beetle banks.
  • Trimming back the hedge between Lower Sowerholme and Flora Field.