Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Saturday volunteering session, 9th January 2016

The Saturday morning volunteer session saw 22 volunteers attend despite miserable wet weather at the start. The weather did improve.

  • Hedges were trimmed:
    • Between the Pads footpath and the Orchard.
    • Near the large ash tree on the Fauna path.
    • Between the Fauna path and Carr House Meadow.
    • Between Carr House Meadow and the Grammar School field
    • Unwanted self seeded saplings, particularly willow, were cut back in a large section of the Orchard.
    • Enveloping vegetation along the hedge between the Pads footpath and Big Meadow was cleared to give the hedge saplings a better chance. We can also estimate how many replacement saplings are needed. Hopefully we will keep a close eye on these gap areas this summer and allow the saplings to grow.
    • New saplings were planted in the gaps in the newly laid hedge between the Long Pads footpath and Lower Sowerholme. A mix of hawthorne, blackthorn, hazel and rowan from the Woodlands Trust.
    • Overhanging branches at the Cromwell Road gate to Carr House Meadow were pruned back to provide better vehicular access.
    • The willow ‘living fence’ between the Fauna path and School Pond was repaired and upgraded.
    • Orchard fruit trees were pruned, especially those with stems going too high.
    • Mud was cleared from the paths in the Orchard.
    • A member of the Fairfield Allotments joined the session to prune back the hedge between the allotments and the Grammar School field.