Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Hedge Laying

The Fairfield Association is carrying out hedge laying work. This involves removing dead wood and laying healthy stems down to stimulate new, thick growth low down in the hedge.

Dense hedges are best for wildlife, particularly garden and woodland birds. Hedge laying work is only undertaken in winter and will stop as soon as any nesting activity is noticed. The hedge will start quite low but will soon grow and will be kept at around two metres when mature.

We will lay selected sections of the hedge this winter, especially those adjacent to clusters of trees and shrubs in the Orchard. We shall be leaving mature trees (especially holly and ash) but removing some of the elder. Mature trees that we will leave have a red marker round the trunk. The intention is to minimise the impact on the landscape whilst the hedge on the other side of the path thickens up.

Like other aspects of Orchard and FAUNA maintenance, hedge laying is a long term process. Once laid, a hedge will last for many years. We hope you will share our long term vision for this lovely spot.

Contact details for the Fairfield Association can be found on our notice boards and you can also use the form on the ‘Contact Us’ pages of the website.