Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Roaming Roe Deer and Other Wild Tales

Last weekend two Roe Deer were spotted on Dallas Rd. then last Tuesday one (the one with the crooked antler) in an Aldcliffe Rd. front garden, towards the chippy. On Wednesday they both came into my back garden, ate the meadow buttercups in my newly created wildflower meadow and stripped the bark and lower branches off a recently acquired Corckscrew Hazel of which I am exceedingly fond.  I was probably not as cross though  as the owner of the chicken whose feathers were strewn over the FAUNA path – a fox presumably. And  the little black cat which was hunting in Big Meadow maybe deposited  a present of a little vole in some-one’s  slipper that  evening.

Back to the deer, Jon thinks that as they live by Freeman’s Pools they are getting accustomed to the sight and sounds of people and may more often stray into the urban area.