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Lots of new flowers

Lots of new flowers observed today in the Reserve

Euphorbia on Pads footpath


Rosebay Willowherb on the Pads footpath

Rosebay Willowherb

Black medick near the Lucy Brook path junction

Black medick

Fool’s water cress in Upper Sowerholme

Fool's water cress

Perforate St John’s wort in Upper Sowerholme

Perforate St John's wort in Upper Sowerholme

Common ragwort in Upper Sowerholme

Common ragwort

Water plantain in Upper Sowerholme (this not observed before, photo not too good because the plant is in deepish water!)

Water plantain

Bulrush in Upper Sowerholme


Self heal in Upper Sowerholme

Self heal

Smooth hawkbit in the Hay Meadow

Smooth hawkbit

Yarrow in the Hay Meadow


Meadowsweet in the Hay Meadow


Birds foot trefoil under the Aldcliffe Road wall

Birds foot trefoil

Nipplewort under the Aldcliffe Road wall