Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Plantlife around Cromwell’s and Willow Ponds

A patch of white heads have recently appeared on the east side of Cromwell’s Pond (Hay Meadow). Through binoculars, these looked to be cottongrass, identification confirmed by a closer inspection.


There are quite a number of different plants appearing close to the pond. The bulrushes (reedmace) have not been disadvantaged by recent pond clearing work. If anything, they seem to be spreading. There is a also a patch of what is probably great willow herb coming through on the south side of the pond. On the down side, there was also a 6 inch high ragwort which was promptly removed!

Lower Sowerholme is being managed for birds and cattle grazing and – apart from buttercups – relatively few wildflowers have been seen. However, there is an orchid flowering in the rushes around Willow Pond.