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Little Egret

Turning the corner of the Pads path at the south end of Fauna around 12pm today, Paul and I caught a glimpse of a very white bird close to the Gleeson’s field hedge. It  promptly flew off towards Big Meadow. We both thought ‘little egret’, but looking on the RSPB website I was starting to doubt our identification. However. searching past FA wildlife blog entries pulls up sightings close to Flora/Fauna in January this year. And on the wonderful Birding Aldcliffe website there is mention of 39 little egrets roosting at Ashton Hall earlier this month. So now feel confident enough to claim this species for the reserve,


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2 thoughts on “Little Egret”

  1. The Little Egret has been sighted on Trig Point Hill and along Lucy Brook running by Willow Lane for the last week. Now a regular winter siting between here and the Lune.

  2. I caught a glimpse of this bird this morning at about 10am around Lucy Brook. Interestingly it seemed to be being harassed by magpies and crows, who did not seem to like it’s presence.

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