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Close encounter of the hare kind

I was walking along the Glasson cycle path shortly after midday today, approaching the junction with Aldcliffe Hall Lane. Suddenly a brown dog came charging towards me. Long ears, long back legs …. just as I realised it was not a dog, it realised that I was there. With us now a mere couple of metres apart the hare suddenly veered off into a field. Still running at high speed it headed off uphill in the direction of Aldcliffe/the canal and disappeared from sight. At that rate of knots, it could have reappeared in Flora in no time. Wishful thinking?


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1 thought on “Close encounter of the hare kind”

  1. You mean it went haring off? Sorry 😉

    I’ve seen a hare in the field opposite (i.e. one of the fields adjoining Flora) for nearly 3 hours on and off this afternoon. Basically sitting near the sheep, grazing very close to the ground and not moving much. Delightful sight – was able to get the kids to see it quite clearly with binoculars. Didn’t seem to mind the occasional car going by.

    Generally see a lot of hares in these fields, but it’s the first I’ve seen this year.

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