Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Triangle Minutes: 6 February 2023

Minutes of the Friends Of The Aldcliffe Road Triangle meeting held on 6 February 2023


Dave Brookes, Mike Swan, Jane Swan, Clare Gould, Martin Luke, Jamie Park, Frances Tordoff


Gillian Allen

Matters arising

  • Helen Easton has donated some empty rubble bags for our leaf composting.
  • The vine has been pruned.
  • The art exhibition is likely to be in Spring.

Recent developments

  1. The bench has been delivered and partially assembled.
  2. There has been more vandalism to the drainage system. The pipes in the raised beds need to be pinned down. Dave will check out types of pins that can be used. We will need more plastic pipe and some steel trunking to protect it. Martin will have a look for suitable steel trunking.
  3. Parts of the workshop chimney need repointing. It looks safe at the moment.
  4. We are considering having a Fair in May. This will depend on enough volunteers being available.

Volunteer sessions

The date of the next volunteer session will be emailed out when the weather looks suitable. We will be installing the new bench. Postcrete will be needed for this – Dave to purchase.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held at 61 Regent Street on 3rd April 2023 at 7.30pm.