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Fairfield Association Monthly Minutes: 25 June 2024

Minutes of the Fairfield Association meeting held on 25 June 2024 at the Tite & Locke.


Andrew Brennand, Geoff Oliver, Hilary Short (Chair), Ian Diffenthal, Ian Procter, Jane Parker, Mike Stevens, Sharon Diffenthal, Sue Nieduszynska, Sue Pope

1. Apologies

Dave Brookes, Mark Tanner, Mick Short, Tony Finn

2. Minutes from the last meeting

  • These were agreed.

3. Matters Arising

  • Response from LGGS to letter sent to them about LNR – they are currently unable to make a decision. Solicitors have advised we write to Mr Beard (the headteacher) and remind him that they had agreed in principle in the past. Hilary to pursue.
  • Bicycle Hangar – planning permission has been agreed and we await delivery.
  • Funding suggestions for the QR code project will be followed up.
  • Cycle route – Sue N contacted local councillor Gina Dowding but no response, Mike contacted Cat Smith (MP) who had pursued similar issues in the past  and Mark contacted Google.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Bank balance

DateAccountAmount in £
30.04.24 148,611
25.06.24 Total             145,947


Restricted funds

SourceAmount in £
Play area4150
LCC (bicycle hangar)4633

General funds




Significant income

  • £266 from cake stall on 16 June


  • £58 for play area, £1819 for insurance, £180 for drinks for the festival

For donations and payments we will stick with Wonderful at present rather than using PayPal. Donations page needs updating – Andrew is waiting for access.

5.  Membership and Friends

  • New membership system is up and running
  • 395 members at present
  • Two new friends and four pending, eight deletions as we move to the new membership system.

6. Playground

  • Lease expires on 24 June. Paperwork needs to be prepared and submitted
  • Work commenced Tuesday 7 November. There has been slow progress and they now hope to complete by early July.
  • The fences will be removed on Friday 12 July.
  • Fairfield Festival – all under control. Request for volunteers will be sent soon.

7. Education

  • Two classes visited last week when the weather was unusually warm and sunny!  A good time had by all.  We have fewer visits this summer, which in view of the awful weather is perhaps no surprise.  It would also seem that the school is having difficulty getting sufficient parents/assistants to accompany the groups.

8. Events

  • NLWG wildlife fair in the orchard 1030-1600 on Sunday 16 June – good weather. Very few children. Raised £266 from the cake stall.
  • AGM on Tuesday 17 September 2024 at the Friends Meeting House
  • Apple Day on Saturday 5 October.

9. FFOG report

  • Request to improve path into the orchard from Townley Close to make it more accessible – contractor to be engaged
  • Blue tarpaulin in the centre of Pony Wood – Ian P to investigate

10. The Triangle

  • Tent has been removed and the person rehoused

11. General Updates

  • None

12. Website, Facebook, Instagram and Newsletter

  • Website Report for 30 days from 27 May 27 to 24 June

716 unique visits

2130 page views

Average time on site:2m 28s

  • Newsletter due before the beginning of September

13. AOB

14. Date of next meeting

The next meeting will take place at 7:30pm on Tuesday 20 August 2024 at the Tite & Locke.


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2 thoughts on “Fairfield Association Monthly Minutes: 25 June 2024”

  1. I am sorry that the meeting concluded that the proposals for Aldcliffe Hall Drive ‘will not disadvantage cyclists and pedestrians’. I am a member of Aldcliffe with Stodday Parish Council which will be objecting to the proposal and argue that the diversion will disadvantage cyclists and pedestrians and that the erection of gates will put people off using the Drive to walk, run and cycle through Aldcliffe. The Drive has been designated as a public right of way by the County Council – although it has not been confirmed and added to the ‘definitive map’ because an objection has stymied the process which the County Council say they don’t have resources to deal with. We hope that the issue will be decided by the Planning Committee rather than being delegated to an officer; if that is the case I would be grateful if I could come to discuss it at the August meeting as a full agenda item.

  2. Hi Tim,
    You are very welcome to come to the August meeting.
    We haven’t yet drawn up the agenda for August but I will be in touch nearer the time.


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