Queens Award for Voluntary Service

The paddock

The Paddock is a 0.2 ha (approx. 1/2 acre) field adjacent to the path leading to Sunnyside Lane.


  • The Paddock was part of the land farmed by the Loxam family.
  • It was used to hold the cattle waiting to be milked.
  • Edenbreck Cottage, which is adjacent, is thought to be one of the oldest dwellings in Lancaster.
  • In recent times there was a dairy attached and pig styes.

Since 2011

  • The dairy and pig styes were demolished when the Fairfield Association took over the lease, leaving the concrete floors to form the base of our shed.

Current Features

  • Thick hedges separate the field from the allotments and footpaths, making this a useful habitat for birds and insects.
  • In the centre of the field is a wild service tree, with lower growing species, protected from the cattle in a wooden enclosure.


  • In the summer nettles are scythed.
  • Woven hazel fencing is used to stop the gaps in the hedge along the footpath.
  • Cattle are brought in when the grazier need them closer to his home, for example when they are calving.


  • The trees in the enclosure will provide an attractive feature and a “staging post” for birds between the wooded part of the orchard and the hedges on the far side.

Look out for

Green finch in the trees by the Fauna stones – Butterflies such as comma and speckled wood – White Park calves

Photographic Survey

We maintain a record of how the various areas of Nature Reserve are progressing. Photographs have been taken on roughly 5 occasions each year: March, mid-May, late June, early August and late September. Click on an image to launch the survey photograph album.

Photographs launch in an album in Google Photos and should appear in date order in the album. To find out the date particular photos were taken, first select the photo and then select the ‘i’ icon (top-right of screen) to bring up its properties.

View 1: The Paddock Album
View 1: The Paddock