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The Long Pads

This narrow hedge-lined path starts at Edenbreck Farm cottage, passes between The Orchard and Big Meadow then crosses Lucy Brook and continues towards the canal and Aldcliffe.


  • The Long Pads, also called the Kendal Pads, is an ancient byway, first mentioned in the charterbook of Furness Abbey in 1285.
  • The charterbook records receiving a grant of two acres of land and half an acre of meadow lying in the (open) field of Edenbreck next to the green road which leads towards Aldcliffe.
  • It is now a public footpath.
The Long Pads Footpath


  • After the Orchard, before crossing Lucy Brook, the path runs alongside a culverted section. The gate posts for the former bridge can still be seen on both sides of the path at the sharp bend. (The 1848 Ordnance Survey map shows a bridge at this point, no longer featuring on the 1893 map).
  • In future, we would like to “deculvert” Lucy Brook, that is, allow it to flow naturally, creating an unhindered flow which is beneficial to wildlife.
  • Towards the end of the path there is a short length of concrete wall. Edward Dawson the owner of Aldcliffe Hall in the late 19th C was an early experimenter in concrete for houses and farm buildings and this may be an example of his work.
  • Hedges are at varying heights; in some places where they could shade the orchard trees, or where we want to create a viewpoint, they are quite low.


  • The section of hedge leading from Lucy Brook towards the canal is trimmed lightly by volunteers in the late spring. This enables walkers and runners to use the path freely whilst retaining the hedgerow flowers. Lancashire County Council is responsible for the autumn cut.
  • Other sections of hedge are trimmed as part of the normal hedge maintenance cycle.
  • Hollows which form puddles are filled in to keep the path accessible in wet weather. Occasionally contractors are hired to resurface.
  • Trees are monitored for safety.

Look out for

Hedgerow flowers such as cow parsley. Butterflies such as small tortoiseshell and speckled wood.