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The Fauna Path

The Fauna Path leads from Cromwell Road to the Orchard


  • The footpath was installed as a concessionary path by the Fairfield Association after it took over the lease of the land in 2011. Before then there was just one large field grazed by cattle, with high metal gates at the end of Cromwell Rd.
  • The Fauna stones were carved from old gate posts in 2012 by Joanna Szuwalska, a stone carver who lived in Lancaster as a child.
Fauna Path


  • At the Cromwell Rd end there is a good example of a carr or wet woodland to the right. (This is part of the garden of Carr House Farm, and is not part of the Fairfield Nature Reserve.)
  • The path affords views across the fields to Pony Wood and the drumlins.
  • There are two fine old ash trees, one at the bend, the other at the end of the path by the entrance to The Orchard.
  • The gate is kept shut to deter cyclists.


  • The path edges are strimmed and hedges trimmed to keep the path clear.
  • Fence posts and rails are repaired regularly.
  • Ash trees are monitored for ash dieback.

Look out for

Blackbirds and thrushes singing in the spring and feeding on berries in the winter. Butterflies such as comma and meadow brown. Summer displays in the wildflower meadows.