Queens Award for Voluntary Service

School Pond

School Pond is a small 0.4 ha (approx. 1 acre) rushy area to the right of the board walk, coming from Cromwell Rd.


  • Before the Fairfield Association acquired the land and constructed the path, this was a muddy pond in a very large field, used by the cattle to drink.
  • This small area and the surrounding field belong to Lancaster Girls Grammar School.
  • In 2011 the school agreed for this area to be incorporated into the newly created nature reserve.

Since 2011

  • We have planted a mixed hedge and a line of willows between the pond and the path.

Current Features

  • The pond which is surrounded by rushes is wet in winter, dry in summer.
  • Snipe are found in winter.
  • There is a line of willows which provide a screen to minimize disturbance to birds from passers-by.


  • Outside the bird nesting season (April to June) the willow is pruned and the cut branches used for stakes or for creating willow structures. Those used for stakes are debarked which prevents them from taking root.
  • Cattle access the pond when they are grazing the adjacent fields.


  • No developments are planned.

Look out for

In the summer there may be moorhen on the pond and blackcap in the nearby hedgerow

Photographic Survey

We maintain a record of how the various areas of Nature Reserve are progressing. Photographs have been taken on roughly 5 occasions each year: March, mid-May, late June, early August and late September. Click on an image to launch the survey photograph album.

Photographs launch in an album in Google Photos and should appear in date order in the album. To find out the date particular photos were taken, first select the photo and then select the ā€˜iā€™ icon (top-right of screen) to bring up its properties.

View 4: School Pond Album
View 4: School Pond