Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Pony Wood Path

The Pony Wood Path leads up from Little Wood around the edge of Pony Wood and then down to Aldcliffe Road.


  • This concessionary path was created by the Fairfield Association after it acquired the land in 2014.
  • Hedges were planted by volunteers and members of the local community in 2018 and 2019
Pony Wood Path


  • The view across the reserve of Lancaster Castle and the Lake District hills.
  • A plaque at Harries’ view.
  • A notice board by the gate at Little Wood where bird sightings are recorded the winter.
  • Gates are kept shut to deter cyclists. They are locked when there is an amber warning of high winds.
  • In future, as the woodland extension matures, this will become a path through, rather than round, the wood. We may need to cut additional small paths to maintain viewpoints and provide a varied habitat.


  • Hedges are trimmed in places to maintain the view.
  • Edges of the path are scythed to prevent the path becoming overgrown with nettles and thistles.

Look out for

Woodland birds such as long-tailed tits and goldcrest. Hazel and birch catkins in spring and rowan berries in autumn.