Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Little Wood

Little Wood is a small area of mixed woodland ( approx. 1/4 acre) in the corner formed by the farm track from Aldcliffe Rd. and the Pony Wood footpath. The adjacent field is owned by Aldcliffe Hall Estates, as is much of the land surrounding the reserve.


  • Although the tree species are younger, this wood dates back to at least 1830, when it was an elm wood, possibly used as a source of timber for drainpipes.
  • It hasn’t been recently grazed so has a variety of trees and ground flora, providing a habitat for wildlife.

Since 2014

  • We have restored and laid the hedge along the path.
  • Removed non-native bluebells.
  • Installed bird boxes.

Current Features

  • The wood comprises of ash, hawthorn, field maple, elm, hazel, oak and elderberry.


  • The trees are monitored annually by a professional tree surgeon and a photographic record is kept of ash die back.
  • Trees are felled or branches removed only if they are a hazard.
  • Lying or standing dead wood is left as a wildlife habitat.


  • The entrance will be restructured to link with Pony Wood.
  • There is a possibility that Little Wood could become part a woodland corridor which stretches from Pony and Little Wood, along the hedgerow to the far end of the field, and across the footpath into West Field.

Look out for

Bluebells, lesser celadine and lords and ladies

Small birds such as tree creepers, and blue tits, and flocks of chaffinch and linnets in the winter

Photographic Survey

We maintain a record of how the various areas of Nature Reserve are progressing. Photographs have been taken on roughly 5 occasions each year: March, mid-May, late June, early August and late September. Click on an image to launch the survey photograph album.

Photographs launch in an album in Google Photos and should appear in date order in the album. To find out the date particular photos were taken, first select the photo and then select the ‘i’ icon (top-right of screen) to bring up its properties.

View 22B: Little Wood Album
View 22B: Little Wood