Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Playground Update

It’s a beautiful sunny day and of course there’s nothing we’d like more than to be enjoying our brand new playground. Sadly it still isn’t ready.

The reason

We have relied on the generosity of the City Council to do the installation work rather than pay a third party contractor. This has saved us about ¬£30k, but has meant the project has taken much longer than it should – lots of other playgrounds and public amenities are also relying on the Council so the¬†engineering team have been pushed and pulled from pillar to post. We’ve lost some days this week to Highest Point, for example.

Only three jobs remain

Only three jobs remain to be done: the toddler fence, the “spinny” thing and the safety surface. The Council have given us their word that all three of these jobs will be finished by June 7th. Sadly we cannot offer that as an opening date because the grass around the new play equipment will take a while to re-establish. This is making mid-June a more likely opening date.

New date for the Fairfield Festival

Of course what this means is we can’t run our planned Fairfield Festival on Saturday 25 May as originally envisaged. We have moved the date back to Saturday 13 July. We’re in the process of re-booking the facilities, music acts and food deliveries.

It will all be spectacular when it is finished. The event will be awesome. We know that local families are frustrated and assure you that no-one is more frustrated than us!